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If you golf, or even attempt mini-golf, you know it all comes down to putting. Whether you are trying to lower your handicap, make the tour, or simply putt your way through the laughing clown obstacle while on a family vacation, the entire game comes down to putting.

Bruce Rearick from Burnt Edges Consulting in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the guru of putting and is known nationally for “a better understanding of the science and art of putting.”

Bruce cut his teeth for 15 years with the Palmer organization (Yes, that one. Think lemonade and iced tea). While Bruce has many design ideas and concepts, such as moving the putter head, hosel placement, and customizing for each golfer (Note, every other club in the bag gets customized except the putter), the large golf club companies would not take the manufacturing risk. Enter Brian Olson, and Olson Custom Designs, also of Indianapolis, a custom manufacturer with expertise in CNC milling, turning, and fabrication. “Unlike the behemoth golf manufacturers, Brian took the time to listen. He entertained my ideas, my challenges, and even made manufacturability suggestions,” said Bruce Rearick. Via Design World Online


Precision Machining Services

February 14th, 2024

Olson Custom Designs (Indianapolis, IN) is a CNC contract manufacturing company specializing in precision machining for a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, semiconductor and commercial sectors.

With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, OCD offers comprehensive solutions for the production of complex components and assemblies. Leveraging advanced CNC machining technologies, the company ensures accuracy, quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process. Their commitment to strict adherence to industry standards and certifications makes them a trusted partner for clients seeking reliable and high-performance solutions.

Whether it's aerospace components requiring tight tolerances, defense equipment demanding durability, medical devices necessitating precision, semiconductor components requiring meticulous attention, or commercial applications requiring cost-effective production, OCD excels in delivering tailored and cutting-edge solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry they serve. Via Industrial Equipment News.


Building a CNC Workshop Contender

February 7th, 2024

Building success from humble beginnings is a quintessential American story, and it’s a familiar one to two brothers and their precision-machining business, Olson Custom Designs. Maintaining adaptability, imposing high standards, drawing support from their family, and their own sheer determination have propelled Mitch and Brian Olson from scrappy upstarts to major players in a range of critical manufacturing markets.

In 2014, the brothers decided to leave their individual careers to start their own precision CNC machining business, setting up their own contract manufacturing shop in Indianapolis. Originally, OCD was a two-man operation, but today it employs a team of 60 working across three shifts. In 2018, OCD relocated from a 5,000-square-foot rented space into the 24,000-square-foot shop it now occupies, with 23 CNC machines. As they approach 10 full years of operation, the brothers look back on their business’s lean, early years, the exciting growth to date, and what lies ahead. Via American Machinist.


Precision Contract Manufacturer Prepared to Meet New DoD Cybersecurity Regulations

January 17th, 2024

In mid-2023 the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) took a significant step toward fortifying the security of the defense industry with the introduction of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification 2.0 (CMMC). The regulation, created in response to growing concerns over the security of controlled unclassified information within the supply chain, impacts all organizations that contract with the DoD. It aims to minimize the risk of data breaches, uphold the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, and fortify the nation's defense against evolving cyber threats. According to the regulation, these organizations must be certified across five different maturity levels, each having specific cybersecurity practices and processes.

One supplier taking action is Olson Custom Designs (OCD), Indianapolis, IN, a precision metal-manufacturing job shop offering a complete slate of machining and fabrication capabilities. Per a recent blog post on its website: “To achieve and exceed the standards set by CMMC, OCD collaborates closely with a dedicated cybersecurity consultant. This partnership ensures a meticulous adherence to the guidelines outlined in NIST SP 800-171 and other pertinent regulations, guaranteeing the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures. CMMC compliance assures OCD's customers that their intellectual property receives top-tier protection.” Via Metal Forming Magazine.


ProShop ERP Offers CMMC Specific Tools

September 27, 2023

ProShop was featured in a Production Machining Article highlighting cybersecurity. According to Olson Custom Designs (OCD), "ProShop helps make the machining business scalable by facilitating a largely paperless workflow, which customers and perspective customers tend to notice."

ProShop ERP offers CMMC-specific functionality to help guide machine shops through compliance. Although ERP is a critical tool, ProShop emphasizes that its system's CMMC functionality is not meant to handhold, but rather to provide a template for shops to develop individualized cybersecurity policies. Via ProShop.

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Cybersecurity Becomes a CNC Machining Prerequisite

May 21, 2021

Some CNC machine shop leaders have had an education in Bitcoin digital currency, but for the wrong reason: They have been forced to pay ransom online for sensitive data that had essentially been held hostage by hackers.

An anecdote about one of these incidents was shared with me by Olson Custom Designs, a shop specializing in defense-industry contracts. Although the company’s own data security has never been compromised (at least not to anyone’s knowledge), it has heeded the lessons of incidents experienced first-hand by team members at their past employers. The ransomware story is just one example. Via Modern Machine Shop.

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Quality 4.0 is Achievable When Systems and Culture Merge

June 24, 2020

Nothing frustrates improvement efforts like software programs that don’t play well together. Brothers Brian and Mitch Olson made sure that didn’t happen when they launched their CNC machining shop by deploying a solution that integrates resource planning and quality management. Via Fabricating & Metalworking.

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OCD Earns AS9100 Rev D / ISO9001:2015 Certification

February 17th, 2019

As a part of our continued commitment to exceptional quality manufacturing services, Olson Custom Designs is pleased to announce that our quality management system has earned the prestigious AS9100 Rev D / ISO9001:2015 certification.

According to Mitch Olson, President of Olson Custom Designs, “The AS9100 certification is the standard to which aerospace suppliers are measured and reflects the commitment made by our employees to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. The decision to upgrade our quality management system to AS9100D began about a year ago in order to expand our services into the aerospace and aviation industries. The addition of AS9100 Certification compliments OCD’s ISO 9001:2015 Certification and highlights our focus on supporting the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries.”

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